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PUL-A-PUMP® provides portable, one-man mobile well pulling with stainless steel and aluminum construction on 16’’ wheels and    weighs about 180 pounds. The home owner will love your courteous appreciation of there lawn and you the pump guy will too.                      PUL-A-PUMP® model includes one well mount, a pendant switch and a power supply cord. If you have a geothermal well and need a pump puller, please contact us. We serve the United States and beyond.

We have four model types available:

• Model #1692A 36’’ Traction Belts – 1 HP/220V – Easy Lifting Capacity 700 LBS
• Model #1692A 36’’ Traction Belts – 1 HP/110V – Easy Lifting Capacity 550 LBS
• Model #1692ALM 36’’ Traction Belts – 1 HP/220V – Easy Lifting Capacity 700 LBS
• Model #1692ALM 36’’ Traction Belts – 1 HP/110V – Easy Lifting Capacity 550 LBS 
Pump Puller for Geothermal Wells in Dallas, TX


Some of the features available on our Pul-A-Pump equipment include:

• Well mounts of many sizes insert directly into or around the well casing, automatically leveling and supporting the PUL-A-PUMP® from the top edge of the casing. This ensures a solid connection for stable operation. With the wheels removed, the machine will set parallel to grad or on planks/cribbing over dug holes for well heads below grade. Well pits and tanks are no problem; just remove the wheels and set the machine on the flat surface.

• Dual driven TRACTION BELTS are neoprene covered and flexible, changing their contour to match up to the down pipe. Elongated belt design greater surface contact for SUPERIOR TRACTION.

• By geometric force, traction automatically increases with the weight of the pipe and pump, assuring positive grip. DUAL WORM GEAR DRIVE secures pipe in stopped position along with a hand brake for the very deep heavy lift jobs.

• 1 HP MOTOR is operated by pendant, push-button switch wired for either 110V or 220V (Choice determined by voltage most commonly used on your pumps and allows tapping into that power source at the well head rather than running extension cords).

• PULL or SET at 50 feet per minute: the optimum speed for working ease.

• BELT Drives swing apart easily, providing a full view into the well, and when engaged for operation, track in parallel alignment to each other while being stabilized by neoprene draw latches, further enhancing traction, all while conforming automatically to varying diameters that result when passing pitiless adapters, torque stops, plastic wire guides and well pumps through the traction belts during removal or installation of well pump systems.

• Aluminum and stainless construction throughout, sealed bearings, stainless steel axles, and neoprene rubber ensures longevity of all components. There are machines in the field today over 25 years old still pulling wells.

• The optional overhead guide is supported by 1” aluminum pipes at a height of 12’ above the machine base to stabilize the rigid pipe as it is pulled up out of the well and unscrewed.

• The winch system is set directly on the base of the machine and locked into position by 3 – 4’ legs, allowing the operator to easily access the top of the well giving full view of the hole to reset the pitless adapter. How many times has the 20-year-old pitless adapter been stuck in place? With the winch system, you can apply 1000# of lift to free the adapter and be on your way.
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