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How deep of a well can I pull?

The machine is rated to pull 700 LBS, which means you can roughly pull 600’ of 1” PVC plastic pipe and 240' of 1" GALVANIZED steel pipe. There are many factors that go into how much pull the machine can achieve; this is an estimate only.

Why would I want an ALM over the A model?

If you are in an area where code has the pump discharge out the top of the casing above grade, the ALM is the preferred choice.       The A model is designed for pitless adapters and side taps.

Should I buy a machine as a homeowner?

The machine is geared for contractors, but if you have multiple wells to maintain – for instance, if you own a large farm or ranch         the PUL-A-PUMP® machine maybe a very valuable tool.

Do you sell used machines?

We do not sell any used machines; our machines go into the field and last for generations.

Can I rent a machine from you?

At this time, we do not offer rentals.

Where can I purchase a machine?

We are a direct sales manufacturer located in Pennsylvania and do not have any units in stores. We can and do ship our machines all around the globe.


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