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The PUL-A-PUMP® model #1692A features a 36-inch traction belt for easy lifting capacity. This model also includes a well mount, pendant switch, and power supply cord. The 1692A has four thumb screws that secure the well mount to the machine base. Removing the screws allows the machine to slid off the well head without having to pick the machine up facilitating one man removal. We have many different casing adapters available to fit most every well size.


• One-man mobility
• 16” High stepping removable wheels
• Well mount adapter connects directly into or around the well casing 
• Leg kit option available; lets you set up anywhere
• The DUAL WORM GEAR drive train is under your complete control at all times; with the handheld 19' push-button pendant switch
- The 1 HP motor driving the pipe UP or DOWN at 50 ft. per. min.
With its powerful gear drive system it can stop and hold the pipe at any time; the manual braking system on the deeper wells is a added plus.
• PULLS or PUSHES steel, semi-rigid or flexible pipe/hose, tubing and rod
• DUAL DRIVEN neoprene TRACTION BELT design delivers SUPERIOR GRIP against wet and scaly pipe
- The design of the BELT DRIVES enables them to collapse against each other
- BY GEOMETRIC FORCE the belts AUTOMATICALLY clamp and trap the pipe. The more weight they are pulling or pushing, the greater the traction between the belts and pipe
- Belts swing apart easily, providing a FULL VIEW into the well
- Conforms automatically to varying diameters from flat or round pipe to 4" pumps, making it capable of passing pumps, wire guides and related fittings without loosing traction or needing to stop.
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